Our Mission Statement

Because caring for you is a personal mission for us, our mission is reflected in our own Standards of Behavior Mission Statement to which we hold ourselves accountable. Every employee agrees to accept these Standards prior to employment.

As an employee of Hocking Valley Community Hospital, it is my mission to create a culture of service excellence, which becomes the foundation for the success of our hospital. My goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of fellow employees, physicians, and the patients of Hocking Valley Community Hospital as well as those of the community. I will uphold the reputation of Hocking Valley Community Hospital and promote a positive image. I will honor our standards and abide by them every day, recognizing that our standards apply equally to all personal interactions, internal and external.

-The Staff of the Hocking Valley Community Hospital

History of Hocking Valley Community Hospital

Hocking Valley Community Hospital began as a for-profit entity in 1906 and became a community non-profit hospital in 1949. The original structure was a local residence which underwent multiple revisions as community needs expanded. In 1963, responding to pressures of modern medicine and advancing technologies, the community raised funds to build a 93 bed hospital which is the nucleus for the current facility.