Behavioral Health

Hocking Valley Community Hospital offers comprehensive geriatric Behavioral Health services for senior citizens who are experiencing acute psychiatric disorders such as depression, mood disorders, anxiety, disorientation or difficulty coping with transitions and losses. The goal of the short-stay program is to provide the best care to the patient, alleviate symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Inpatient Care

Hocking Valley’s Behavioral Health Unit consists of an inpatient treatment program dedicated to the mental health and wellbeing of men and women ages 65 and older, delivered in a safe and healing therapeutic environment.

Based on a comprehensive evaluation, our experienced staff including a psychiatrist, nursing, social workers and other mental health professionals develop an individual and multi-disciplinary treatment plan for each patient that includes a psychiatric psychopharmacologic assessment, individual and group psychotherapy and rehabilitation services.

Hocking Valley Community Hospital’s caring staff works with the patient, their family, outside healthcare and assisted living/nursing home facilities to coordinate the best possible inpatient and after-care treatment.

Contact/Referral Information

Referrals are accepted from community healthcare providers, assisted living and care facilities, self-referrals including families and Emergency Departments.

To make a referral, contact: 740-380-8264 and staff will be able to assist you.