Swing Beds

HockingValleyCommunityHospital’s Swing Bed Unit offers the opportunity for patients to receive skilled nursing and rehabilitation services within our hospital as an inpatient. We have the unique opportunity to be able to provide excellent care in a hospital-like environment during a patient’s recovery. Diagnostic procedures are “just a phone call away” should the need arise.

Requirements for a swing bed include a qualifying acute care stay according to Medicare and managed Medicare (ex: Humana,Aetna) guidelines.

Using an interdisciplinary approach, our services include Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy, Nutrition Services, an Activity  Program, Social Services and Skilled Nursing care. Our team represents over 350 years of  experience. Rest assured, you are in excellent hands.

Specifically, our skilled nursing services include (but are not limited to): IV medications, parenteral and enteral feedings, dressing changes including wound vacs, decubitus care for stage 3 or 4 pressure areas, and end of life care.

Our goal is to enable and equip our patients to return home as safely and quickly as possible while making the transition from patient to “graduate” an enjoyable experience.