Swing Beds

Swing Bed Unit

Hocking Valley Community Hospital’s Swing Bed Unit offers a variety of services at a skilled nursing level of care. Our highly trained team of professionals from a variety of disciplines, including therapy, nursing, and dietetics, work together to provide excellent care while promoting patient recovery.

At HVCH, our goal is to provide close-to-home care options for the members of our community. Our Swing Bed Unit provides in-patient physical, occupational, and speech rehabilitation services, wound management, and extended-duration IV therapies. Our Unit assists patients who have experienced weakness and loss of function due to surgery or illness and our care team helps patients to recuperate so that they may return to their homes. Our team also works with the patient and their loved-ones throughout their stay to prepare for a successful discharge. Our Social Services department assists patients to determine and put in place the types of services and equipment that will best support them when they return to their homes.


End of Life Care

End of Life Care

HVCH’s Swing Bed Unit also provides end-of-life care. When a member of our community is terminally ill and their death is imminent HVCH is here to provide a comfortable close-to-home option for the patient’s care. At such times it is often a comfort to the patient to know that, even though they’re not able to be in their own home, they may pass peacefully close by with their friends and family members at their side.

If you or a loved-one may be interested in learning more about our services, please contact our Swing Bed Coordinator at (740) 380-8247.