Dorothy Hart, is a patient who has neuropathy.  Last year she stepped on a piece of glass and because she cannot feel anything in her right foot, she was unaware that she had been walking around with a piece of glass embedded in her foot.  It began to turn red so she went to her physician who referred her to Brock Liden, DPM, Podiatry.  What followed was surgery that included drilling through the heel to insert antibiotics and bone marrow, as well as an incision from the top of her foot around to the bottom for removal of the foreign object.


He made sure she not only recovered from surgery but that she was also wearing the correct shoes as well.  The inside layer of the shoe was created and developed by Dr. Liden.  He invented the special cast that went on her foot to prevent healing and to keep her from touching it.


“They called my foot the Frankenstein foot.  I couldn’t give him enough credit if I tried.  I’ve told everyone I know who has trouble with their feet.  I even brought in two pumpkin pies to say thank you!”


Tamii Cramer, Dorothy’s daughter says, “We truly feel that she would have lost her leg and foot without him,” referring to Dr. Liden.  “He’s not only kind and generous with his knowledge, but also with his heart.  We were able to call him or send photos via text messaging when we were changing mom’s dressings at home and if we had any questions he would let us know what to do. His main focus is not only on the patient but also on the family.”

Dorthy Hart,

When Mrs. Norris arrived in the ED she presented her seam ripper which she brought along to show the depth it had entered, as it still had the blood on it from the accident. Requiring several stitches both internally and externally, she commented that “Dr. Robert Sivier did as good of a job as the best plastic surgeon would have! He was amazing.” Showing off her leg and the barely visible scar, she says “I received wonderful care in the Emergency Room that day! I wouldn’t hesitate to go there again.”


She goes on to share that in addition to having returned to HVCH for other

Health care needs herself, many of her loved ones have visited the local hospital and received excellent care and service. She is grateful to Robert Sivier, M.D. for being there in her time of need.

Vickie Norris,

My brief, first terrified thought was that I had broken my hip, and then I felt the pain, excruciating pain from my groin to my knee. Managing to roll over, I attempted to raise myself on all fours, but given the pain I could barely lift myself six inches.  Lying there, wondering what I could do, two women came to my aid lifting me upright so that I was able to sit on a nearby log.  After four failed attempts at trying to stand on my own, one of the women hiked higher up in the gorge in order to call for a med-vac team.  Were it not for these two good Samaritans my circumstances could have been dire.  Ladies, you’re unknown to me by name, but I am so grateful for your help, and thank you again for staying with me.


The all men med-vac crew arrived quickly, and not only were they courteous and considerate, but cautiously moved me, and carried me safely from the gorge. In the Emergency Room at Hocking Valley Community Hospital, Doctor C. Prince and the on-duty nurses Crescent, Darcy, Susan and Tia, provided friendly, timely and exemplary care.  They even went the ‘extra mile’ and arranged for a state park ranger to transport me back to my vehicle at the trailhead parking lot which was some distance from the hospital.

Robert Finkin,

Hocking Valley Community Hospital

Hocking Valley Community Hospital