Managing Diabetes

Managing Diabetes

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, we will guide you through self-management.

First, upon referral by your physician, you and your diabetes educator will conduct a personal diabetes assessment. You will then attend our classes comforted by the support of others with diabetes, enjoy a healthy lunch, and you will receive personal counseling and an individual plan for diabetes management, goal setting and follow-up. During our class, you will receive up to date information from our Certified Diabetes Educators.

At the beginning of our program, blood sugar levels average 205. By the end of the program, participants average 150. The goal of effective diabetes management is to maintain a consistent, healthy blood sugar range. You will learn how to measure blood sugar, how often and you will learn what to do when blood sugar levels are too high or too low.

Following our educational program and personal discussion about your particular goals, you will be prepared to build a lifestyle around effective diabetes management — the right amounts of the right foods, physical activity and adherence to a few basic principles.

The American Diabetes Association recognizes the educational program at Hocking Valley Community Hospital as meeting the national standards for diabetes self-management education. Learning to apply the techniques of effective diabetes self-management can help reduce the risk of heart disease, blindness, kidney disease, nerve damage and other serious complications.