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About HVCH







Hocking Valley Community Hospital is a critical access hospital along with geriatric psychiatry, emergency department, urgent care, and a wide variety of clinical, specialty, and outpatient services.

In existence since 1906, Hocking Valley has been a community non-profit hospital since 1949.

It opened as a brand new, state-of-the-art medical facility in February of 1966. The 54-bed, 12-bassinet hospital provided medical services through various departments including nursing, radiology, laboratory, pharmacy, dietary, business office, housekeeping/laundry, medical records, engineering and volunteers.

HVCH succeeded Cherrington Hospital, which was located on Main Street in Logan. The Cherringtons operated the hospital until 1945, when it was sold to Dr. John Gibbons and sold again in 1946 to Drs. Richard Jones and Owen Yaw. It was then incorporated as Hocking Valley Community Hospital and in 1949 became a non-profit entity for the benefit of the entire community.

In 1963, the hospital board of trustees decided the building on Main Street was inadequate to meet the efficiently meet the community’s healthcare needs. As a result, a campaign began to build a new HVCH spearheaded by Dr. J. Ward Doering, Dr. Richard Bullock, Dr. Owen Shaw, Ferd Hack, William Miller, B.G. Greenman, Don Russell, Donald Young, Forrest Moore, Quentin Perez, James Stilwell, Lavon Goodlive and J. Russell Young.

Various funding methods were considered before the county commissioners placed a bond issue before voters in November of 1962. The issue was approved for the ballot and had the support of more than 90 clubs, organizations, churches and civic groups.

The issue was approved by 70 percent of the voters and was set up to be paid over a period of 22 years. More than $400,000 in federal aid also was granted. Construction began soon after for the $1.5 million institution on State Route 664 North.

The first board of trustees responsible for building and equipping the hospital included: Barton A. Holl, Earl H. Elberfeld, Robert W. Keynes, Arthur M. Gasser, Francis Myers and Velva Brashares.

Mission Statement

To provide extraordinary care close to home now and into the future.

Vision Statement

To provide our community an unparalleled patient experience through world class service that is both compassionate and professional.