Intensive Care

Special/Intensive Care Unit

HVCH has a department that provides specialized care to the critically ill.

The Special Care Unit provides nursing care for up to five medical and surgical patients with critical care needs. They offer:

  • Continuous monitoring of the patient
  • Continuous specialized nursing care
  • The availability of physicians and medical staff who are trained in internal medicine, surgery, anesthesia, and emergency medicine.
  • Specialized services including, cardiac monitoring, mechanical ventilation, IV therapy, Swan-Ganz monitoring, arterial lines, tracheotomies thrombolytic administration, hypothermia treatment, emotional support and educating patient and family members.
  • Physical therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, clinical pharmacists, and respiratory therapists are readily available to assist in the care of the patients.

For more information, call HVCH at 740-380-8000.