Medical Records

Medical Records

Thank you for choosing Hocking Valley Community Hospital to receive your medical care. If you need a copy of your medical records please fill out the request form available on this page. You can then mail your completed form to the address below or bring it to the Medical Records Department. Please use this form as well, to have us send your records to another hospital, physician, or any continued medical care.

Hocking Valley Community Hospital
P.O. Box 966
Logan, OH 43138

To request copies of your medical records, or the records of someone you have representation over, i.e. minor child, Guardian, POA, Executor of an Estate, Survivorship, etc., use the contact form available at the very bottom right hand side of the page.

There is a charge for copying medical records for personal use and for attorneys.

$5.00 Pull fee
$1.00 per page up to 10 pages
$0.25 per page for pages 11-1000

To request your medical records, please download this form:
Patient Authorization Form