Joint Replacement Surgery

Man in rehab after a successful joint replacement.

If you are considering joint replacement surgery, it is only natural to wonder what to expect. Our program helps lower anxiety and promotes healing through education and support.

The well-established and proven Biomet® Rapid Recovery program recognizes the increasing demand for joint replacement and other orthopedic procedures as well as the importance of helping patients make informed choices. Patients approach surgery and rehabilitation with a much more positive attitude which promotes healing.

The result and reality for most patients is increased mobility and range of motion, less (if any) pain during normal activity, and greatly improved quality of life. Being able to move around comfortably and freely helps make most of patients more active which improves physical stamina, emotional outlook and promotes healthy lifestyles.


Joint Team

Joint replacement surgery patients, their families and the Joint Center team get together as a group weeks prior to surgery to get acquainted and to begin to prepare for the event. Each patient is shown a video and receives a full explanation of his or her own case, including a guidebook that covers the entire process from beginning to end. Family members learn to become “coaches” and play an important role in support. Even after surgery, patients, coaches and medical specialists support each other during rehabilitation through encouragement, fellowship and social interaction.

Southeast Ohio Joint Center

The Southeast Ohio Joint Center offers a comprehensive program starting with education about arthritis, injuries and other joint-related medical issues. Patients and their caregivers go through as a team. Some will have surgery. Others will be evaluated and our team will develop a program for treatment and rehabilitation to extend or maintain the fullest possible range of motion and functional strength. Each participant receives a manual to help guide him or her through the program.

The Southeast Ohio Joint Center team includes physicians, registered nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, operating room technicians, social workers and educators.

During their hospital stay, the Center sponsors group luncheons after which participants and their caregivers learn more about our program and are given the opportunity to talk to other joint replacement patients.

In our community arthritis class, our team prepares you for surgery. We provide education, help with any arrangements and plan your personalized pre-op and post-op program.

For more information, call the Southeast Ohio Joint Center at 740-380-8331.