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Coumadin Clinic

The Hocking Valley Anticoagulation (Coumadin) Clinic provide personalized care for patients taking blood-thinning or anticoagulation medications in order to help prevent blood clotting and strokes.

Our services include:Patient in yellow shirt being examined for cardio

  • Evaluation and management of warfarin (Coumadin) therapy
  • Warfarin therapy education
  • Point-of-care INR testing
  • Close patient monitoring and follow up
  • Management of peri-procedure anticoagulation therapy/bridging
  • Prescription refills and laboratory monitoring as needed
  • Communication to a patient’s health care team via electronic medical records

An experienced team of clinical pharmacists, along with supervising physicians, manages each patient’s therapy. All of our pharmacists have specialized training in the management of anticoagulation therapy.

Patients who participate in this clinic have been shown to benefit from decreased bleeding and clotting issues.

For more information, call 740-385-0202.