Information Services:
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Surgical Services

Our Surgery department offers many different specialties, from general surgery, urology, gynecology, orthopedics, and podiatry to gastrointestinal services in our endoscopy room and three modern surgery suites. The nursing staff in the surgery department is all trained in advanced cardiac life support and are able to function in multiple areas within the department. Teamwork is this department’s motto.

Outpatient Surgery

The Outpatient Surgery department provides personalized preoperative and postoperative nursing assessments and discharge instructions while including the patient and the patient’s family. Each patient is provided individualized education and assessed personally by a registered nurse. This department strives to make each patient feel very satisfied that both theirs and their family’s needs are met.

IV / Chemotherapy

Our Outpatient Intravenous / Chemotherapy department provides services such as IV infusions, chemotherapy, PICC line insertion and care, port draws, and injections. The specially trained Registered Nurses with a combined 91years of experience in this department are chemotherapy certified and take pride in getting to know their patients on an individual basis as they provide a very “hometown” feel.