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Hocking Valley Community Hospital acquires ultrasound machines

Hocking Valley Community Hospital is proud to announce the recent acquisition of two state-of-the-art ultrasound machines used in the Echo and Vascular testing lab. Staffed by multiple highly experienced and credentialed Technologists, the team works closely with Physicians and Cardiologists. Each of the new machines provides the highest quality of imaging detail currently available. The machines are connected to a network that allows tests to be interpreted quickly and remotely if necessary.

The cardiac echo machine is used for diagnostic imaging of the heart commonly referred to as an Echo. Some conditions frequently tested for are abnormalities of the heart valves, blood flow, and congenital heart disease. These tests are painless and generally take less than an hour to complete.

The vascular machine is used for diagnostic imaging of the arteries and veins in the arms, legs, abdomen, and neck. Some conditions evaluated for are blood clots (also known as DVT), reflux / varicose veins, and blockage of blood flow to the brain and kidneys. It is also used to examine blood flow in the arms and legs, and for follow up testing after surgeries on blood vessels. The average test time is between half an hour to one hour.

Tests are typically scheduled as soon Physicians orders are received. Please feel free to contact the Cardiovascular Department at Hocking Valley Community Hospital at 740-380-8219 for questions regarding testing.