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HVCH Healthcare Worker of the Year named

2019 Healthcare Worker of the Year – Frances Lehman

Frances Lehman, Patient Charge Entry Coordinator, has been named Healthcare Worker of the Year at Hocking Valley Community Hospital’s recent employee recognition ceremony.

“This is a special day because we recognize employees whose service has exceeded expectations, or whose dedication to the hospital is obvious in everything they do. That should make us all proud,” HVCH President and CEO Stacey Gabriel said.

HVCH employees cast ballots to select Healthcare Worker of the Year and Frances won by popular vote.

“Our employees had to make a difficult decision this year. They had three excellent nominations for Healthcare Worker of the Year,” Gabriel continued.

“Frances demonstrates all the qualities of a dedicated and hard working team member. Going above and beyond is evident in her daily work, always being attentive to details and willing to take on new challenges. Her determination to make sure all tasks are completed accurately and timely is a welcome characteristic and her involvement in the hospital and community are testimony to her sense of compassion,” Gabriel said.

Excellence in Leadership Award – Tara Jacobs

The Excellence in Leadership Award also was given during the ceremony. The award was introduced to recognize hospital directors, managers and supervisors for exemplary behavior in their leadership role. This year’s award was given to Tara Jacobs, Director of Surgery.

“Tara constantly looks for ways to add additional service lines to HVCH in order to meet the needs of the community. She has a way of thinking outside the box in order to accomplish strategic goals and objectives. She sets the bar high for her staff and continuously looks for opportunities to gain efficiencies and productivity while keeping quality top of mind,” Gabriel said.

In addition to the awards given, several HVCH employees were recognized for their years of service to the hospital.

Celebrating 10 years of service are: Tammy Acord, Emergency Department; Karen Brandon, Patient Registration; Nancy Chenault, Cardiovasular; Jeremy Coakley, Radiology; Jennifer Enderle, Specialty Clinic; Andrea Isree, Emergency Department; Mary Keels, Nutrition Services; Trudy McCoy, Inpatient Services; Erin Tinkham, Speech Therapy; and Roberta Wagner, Inpatient Services.

Celebrating 15 years of service are: Cheryl Blackstone, Rehabilitative Services; Sarah Buckalew, Information Services; Jennifer Carver, Radiology; Erin Daugherty, Social Services; Stacey Dingess, Occupational Therapy; Amy Douglas, Outpatient Services; Rebecca Fast, Environmental Services; Crystal Fizer, Inpatient Services; and Janell Hunter, Surgery.

Celebrating 20 years of service are: Bryan Brown, Cardiovascular; Margaret Hoellrich, Surgery; Michelle Matheny, Emergency Department; and Tammy Wagner, Patient Registration.

Celebrating 25 years of service are: Heather Johnson, Special Care Unit; and Amy Markin, Specialty Clinic.

Celebrating 30 years of service are: Teresa Downs, Special Care Unit; and Kandy Fizer, Education.

Celebrating 30 or more years of service are: Holly Gompf, 32 years; Lori Linton, 33 years; Sheri Thompson, 35 years; Letha Burrell, 37 years; Geoff Perry, 37 years; and Marilyn Johnson, 40 years.

“In every organization, the people who show up every day are the greatest assets and these employees have been showing up for many years. We all know healthcare is a tough industry, but knowing that our patients and customers have so many staff members with this kind of dedication makes it all worthwhile,” Gabriel concluded.