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HVCH receives new Site Rite IV Ultrasound

Hocking Valley Community Hospital Foundation recently purchased a Site Rite 8, IV Ultrasound machine for Hocking Valley Community Hospital.  This piece of equipment is designed to simplify vascular access by allowing staff to visualize PICC placements from beginning to end.

Using traditional ultrasound imaging it allows HVCH staff to visualize and measure the vessel and surrounding anatomy ensuring appropriate needle trajectory and depth. Conveniently positioned on wheels, it is portable and can be used in many different departments within HVCH.

“Many of our patients have poor vein access due to obesity or poor health,” said Tina Brandt, RN, BSN. “It can also be challenging finding good vascular anatomy for patients affected by the opiate epidemic.”  Brandt, who has worked in HVCH’s Surgery Department since 2006, was instrumental in development of the PICC Line Team (health care professionals specialty trained in vascular access) in 2011.  HVCH clinical staff can contact the PICC Team so medications, hydration, or nutrition may be provided to patients who cannot receive them orally.

“Use of this equipment will improve overall patient satisfaction as staff can virtually see and guide direct access to veins. We are grateful for the support of Hocking Valley Community Hospital Foundation for funding this equipment in the amount of $28,650”, said President & CEO Julie Stuck.