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Dorthy Hart, a grateful patient of Hocking Valley Community Hospital

Dorthy Hart, Grateful Patient

Dorothy Hart is a patient who has neuropathy. Last year she stepped on a piece of glass and because she cannot feel anything in her right foot, she was unaware that she had been walking around with a piece of glass embedded in her foot. It began to turn red so she went to her physician who referred her to Brock Liden, DPM, Podiatry. What followed was surgery that included drilling through the heel to insert antibiotics and bone marrow, as well as an incision from the top of her foot around to the bottom for removal of the foreign object.

He made sure she not only recovered from surgery, but that she also was wearing the correct shoes. The inside layer of the shoe was created and developed by Dr. Liden. He invented the special cast that went on her foot to prevent healing and to keep her from touching it.

“They called my foot the Frankenstein foot. I couldn’t give him enough credit if I tried. I’ve told everyone I know who has trouble with their feet. I even brought in two pumpkin pies to say thank you!”

Tamii Cramer, Dorothy’s daughter says, “We truly feel that she would have lost her leg and foot without him,” referring to Dr. Liden. “He’s not only kind and generous with his knowledge, but also with his heart. We were able to call him or send photos via text messaging when we were changing mom’s dressings at home and if we had any questions he would let us know what to do. His main focus is not only on the patient but also on the family.”