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Robert Finkin, a grateful patient of Hocking Valley Community Hospital

Robert Finkin, Grateful Patient

My brief, first terrified thought was that I had broken my hip, and then I felt the pain, excruciating pain from my groin to my knee. Managing to roll over, I attempted to raise myself on all fours, but given the pain I could barely lift myself six inches.  Lying there, wondering what I could do, two women came to my aid lifting me upright so that I was able to sit on a nearby log.  After four failed attempts at trying to stand on my own, one of the women hiked higher up in the gorge in order to call for a med-vac team.  Were it not for these two good Samaritans my circumstances could have been dire.  Ladies, you’re unknown to me by name, but I am so grateful for your help, and thank you again for staying with me.

The all men med-evac crew arrived quickly, and not only were they courteous and considerate, but cautiously moved me, and carried me safely from the gorge. In the Emergency Room at Hocking Valley Community Hospital, Doctor C. Prince and the on-duty nurses Crescent, Darcy, Susan and Tia, provided friendly, timely and exemplary care.  They even went the ‘extra mile’ and arranged for a state park ranger to transport me back to my vehicle at the trailhead parking lot which was some distance from the hospital.