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Taking Back the Winter Blues

Post holidays and weather blahs have you feeling blue? Turn the tables and put the color of blue to work for you! Start with your closet. Just because it’s late January, doesn’t mean you can’t pull out some brights to wear once in a while. Put a dent in those darker grays, blacks, and maroons we often don in winter months. Find those various tints and hues of blue that accent your mood and style, and mix and match them throughout the week.

Stroll through your house to find opportunities to sparkle things up. Look to inspiring interiors for beautiful blue color schemes. Do you prefer soft and soothing? Or maybe bold and energetic is what you need right now. Blues range in all kinds of shades and pair well with nearly every other color.

Switch up your sofa pillows or toss on a new throw. Consider a spa like blue for new shower curtains or hand towels. Pull out a new vase and freshen up the family dining table with some gorgeous dried blue hydrangeas. Bring nature inside by putting out a new blue and green throw rug to welcome you each day when you come home.

Speaking of nature, take a walk outdoors. Some of the best medicine is a deep breath of fresh crisp air and blue skies that can make an amazing difference in your mood and thought processes. Additionally, keep those bird feeders filled and allow the natural colors of blue birds to enhance your rather bleak looking yard right now.

Too cold for you outside? Then, it’s probably too cold to do any major fixing up needing done outdoors, too. So, grab that paint brush and pick a room you have been putting off upgrading. Select a vibrant, splashy blue and let your energy flow through the brush.

Finally, look for the simple things. Even changing up the color of your toothbrush to a beachy color blue can take you away to happier places.