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Two HVCH employees named co-Healthcare Worker of the Year

Brian Longnecker and Lisa Beatty were named co-Healthcare Worker of the Year at Hocking Valley Community Hospital’s recent employee recognition ceremony.
Pictured with HVCH CEO Julie Stuck are Amy Scarberry, lab director, and Roy Davis, director of cardiology. Amy and Roy received the Excellence in Leadership Award.

LOGAN – Brian Longnecker and Lisa Beatty were named co-Healthcare Worker of the Year at Hocking Valley Community Hospital’s recent employee recognition ceremony.

“This is a special day because we get to recognize employees whose service has exceeded expectations, or whose dedication to the hospital is obvious in everything that they do. That should make us all proud,” HVCH Chief Nursing Officer Stacey Gabriel said.

Brian Longnecker, IT technician, and Lisa Beatty, R.N. in the Medical/Surgical Department, were voted on by their peers.

“Our employees had to make a difficult decision this year. They had five excellent nominations for Healthcare Worker of the Year. For only the second time since this award started, we have a tie,” Julie Stuck, HVCH CEO, said.

“Brian exemplifies the values and standards of behavior of HVCH. He consistently maintains a sense of ownership for IT issues and customer requests which allow him to provide ideas and solutions that ultimately result in exceptional customer service,” Stuck continued. “Brian is a professional and a team player. He routinely works more than 40 hours a week and will often conduct IT research and testing from home. His ‘can do’ attitude is refreshing and motivating.”

Lisa Beatty is described as having a positive attitude toward her work responsibilities, co-workers and patients.

“She serves as a role model for others and is committed to giving high-quality care,” Stuck said. “She displays integrity both on and off the job and is always striving to exceed her patients’ expectations. She willingly exercises leadership skills, takes initiative, and accepts and carries out additional responsibilities beyond her regular job duties for the good of the hospital.”

Two other awards were given during the recognition ceremony. Last year, the Excellence in Leadership Award was introduced to recognize hospital directors, managers and supervisors for exemplary behavior in their leadership role. The award was given to Roy Davis and Amy Scarberry.

“Roy brings honesty, frankness and a wealth of knowledge to the table. He is a resource for so many directors. There is a quote by Abigail Johnson that says, ‘No matter how senior you get in an organization, no matter how well you’re perceived to be doing, you’re job is never done.’ Roy lives this by having the ability to self-reflect and make changes to his leadership as needed. He is a team player and valued director at HVCH,” Stuck said.

“It is often said that the sign of a true leader is that they would never ask someone to do something that they were unwilling to do themselves,” Stuck continued. “This mentality is the heart of our next Excellence in Leadership Award recipient, Amy Scarberry. You often find her drawing blood, processing lab tests, ordering supplies and working side by side with the laboratory staff. Amy has a strong sense of ownership of the hospital and high expectations of herself and her staff. Amy has always done an excellent job maintaining the Joint Commission compliance for the laboratory. She is highly respected by her peers and is often sought out for advice. You can always count on Amy to do whatever is asked of her.”

In addition to the awards given, several HVCH employees were recognized for their years of service to the hospital.

Celebrating 10 years of service are: Jordan Brandeberry, Darcy Culbertson, Lorie Downour, Angela Elkins, Mike Harden, Kelly Hensley, Jeff Hovatter, Jessica Mathias, Margaret Miller, Adrienne Nihiser, Sherry Perry, Kala Phillips, Steve Sheets and Berdena Smart.

Celebrating 15 years of service are: Julie Grow, Amber Kienzle, Lois Lester and Cart Switzer.

Celebrating 20 years of service are: Roy Davis, Rhonda Downhour, Ginger Johnson, Tammy Little, Emily Martin, April Reed and Susan Rosser.

Celebrating 25 years of service are: Carolyn Elick, Gwen Harmon, Tara Jacobs and Crystal Jordan-Nye.

Celebrating 30 or more years of service are: Holly Gompf, 30 years; Lori Linton, 31 years; Sheri Thompson, 33 years; Letha Burrell, 35 years; Geoff Perry, 35 years; Marilyn Johnson, 38 years; and Christy Schneider, 38 years.

“Each one of you is an integral piece of the fabric that weaves HVCH together,” Stuck concluded. “While we set aside this day to bestow accolades upon certain individuals

among us, it is all of us together who make HVCH the strong healthcare provider it is today.”

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