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Pharmacy Service

Pharmacy Services The Department of Pharmacy provides integrated, cost-effective pharmaceutical services to HVCH. These patient-focused services include medication delivery primarily through automated dispensing cabinets (medDispense), therapeutic recommendations, and promotion of optimal drug therapy. Pharmacy is also responsible for pharmacokinetic dosing and managing outpatient Coumadin Clinic patients, as well as some inpatient Coumadin patients.
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Hospital Medicine/Hospitalists

Hospital Medicine/Hospitalists [caption id="attachment_6266" align="alignright" width="261"] Dr. John Ireton, Hospitalist[/caption] In our Hospital Medicine program, physicians known as hospitalists see our patients while they are in the hospital. Hospitalists work closely with hospital staff and local family doctors. A hospitalist is a physician or other qualified medical practitioner who sees patients only while they are…
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Swing Beds

Swing Beds When the need for you to recover from surgery, illness or injury arrives, our Swing Bed program allows you to recover close to home with easy access to nursing care and therapies. Our goal is to assist you and your caretaker in becoming as independent as possible before discharge. Our Swing Bed Unit…
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Intensive Care

Special/Intensive Care Unit HVCH has a department that provides specialized care to the critically ill. The Special Care Unit provides nursing care for up to five medical and surgical patients with critical care needs. They offer: Continuous monitoring of the patient Continuous specialized nursing care The availability of physicians and medical staff who are trained in…
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Behavioral Health

The Summit - Behavioral Health Unit

Behavioral Health Unit

Pictured: Max Haque, M.D. and Pramoda Fatehchand, P.A.

Hocking Valley Community Hospital offers comprehensive psychiatric services for our senior citizens through our Behavioral Health Unit (BHU). The Summit focuses on treatment of psychiatric disorders and dementia related diagnosis through a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary team approach. The goal of The Summit team is to provide excellent care which promotes an improved quality of life for patients and their families.

Patient goals are achieved through:

  • A comprehensive inpatient treatment plan that includes evaluations from an expert team of professionals.
  • The treatment team will include the psychiatrist, an internal medicine doctor, nurses, dietitian, physical therapist, occupational therapist, social worker and activity therapist.
  • The treatment plan will address individual needs such as life transitions, losses, signs and symptoms of mental illness (i.e. hallucinations, excessive worry, stress and depression.)
  • Groups will be provided daily which include such topics as life skill training, coping skills, medication education, stress reduction, therapeutic exercise, processing, music therapy and relaxation techniques.

The Summit team firmly believes that family involvement is as important as medication and treatment; therefore, families are encouraged to become part of the treatment team. Each family is provided a weekly opportunity to meet with the treatment team (including the psychiatrist) to ask questions and address concerns regarding their loved one. Families will also become part of the discharge team. Soon after admission the family will be contacted by the Social Worker at which time a discharge plan will be initiated. This discharge plan will evolve and take shape during the patient’s admission.

The Summit team will provide education on what to expect during the admission, the patient’s condition, current treatment, and discharge plans. At the time of discharge a complete after care plan will be provided to assist with continuation of care needs after discharge.

Our community is important to us and the mental wellness of our geriatric population is our priority. We welcome all inquiries as to how we can assist you or your loved one.

Reach The Summit team at 740-380-8265.

Medical Surgical

Medical Surgical Unit

Our compassionate patient care team provides high quality care for patients who are acutely ill with a wide variety of medical problems and diseases or are recovering from surgery. The unit is staffed by specially trained nurses and state tested nursing assistants. We specialize in patient centered care and assist in optimizing your recovery.