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Managing Diabetes

Managing Diabetes If you are diagnosed with diabetes, we will guide you through self-management. First, upon referral by your physician, you and your diabetes educator will conduct a personal diabetes assessment. You will then attend our classes comforted by the support of others with diabetes, enjoy a healthy lunch, and you will receive personal counseling…
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Risk Factors for Diabetes

Risk Factors for Diabetes Family history Overweight Inactive lifestyle Improper balance of foods in the diet Diabetes is a chronic, progressive disease that can be managed effectively in most cases. If you are ready to minimize the effects of diabetes, the team of professionals at Hocking Valley Community Hospital will help make it easier for…
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Registration and Results

Registration and Results A physician’s order is required at the time of registration. Series or reoccurring tests can be ordered and kept on file in the Registration Dept., for the patient’s convenience. After the registration staff has obtained the necessary information, you will be directed to the Laboratory. A Laboratory Phlebotomist will greet you and…
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Cardiopulmonary Classes There are 30 sessions (10 weeks, 3 per week) in which the rehabilitation team members instruct patients in the following areas: C.O.P.D., bronchitis, emphysema, asthma Medications Development of individualized exercise programs Breathing exercises Coping with chronic illness Proper use of aerosol medication and other breathing equipment Nutrition and dietary habits important for patients…
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Specialty Clinic

Hocking Valley Community Hospital's Specialty Clinic sees patients for both pain management and wound care services. You must schedule with a Specialty Clinic physician to be seen for both services. Call (740) 380-8171 for more information. Pain Management The Pain management program works personally with each patient to develop a plan of care to manage…
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Sleep Medicine

Sleep Medicine Nearly 40 million Americans have a sleep disorder. Left untreated, a sleep disorder can have serious health consequences, such as high blood pressure, heart attack, abnormal heart rhythm, emotional difficulties and stroke. Symptoms include: Daytime fatigue Morning headaches Depression Breathing pauses Sleep-walking Snoring Poor memory Gasping for air Sleep talking Restless sleep Irritability…
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